Two Worlds Update 1.7b
incl. Add-On Curse of Souls

Four action packed multiplayer maps enable you to travel to completely new locations in Antaloor. Play with your friends - and face challenges surpassing anything you have ever encountered.

- RPG mode
- Cooperative mode
- Up to 8 players simultaneously
- 38 quests

List of maps

There is a traitor in the besieged town of Ranburg! Players must cut through the orcish forces to get to the town and stop the evildoer.

A small town of Frall has been struck with a mysterious disease. The medicine was sent from the near outpost but it was captured by a group of bandits. Players will retrieve the medicine and deliver it to the mayor of the town.

City of Hurm won’t get any reinforcements to help them fight against the hordes of the Taint flooding the streets. Players will carry the bad news to the mayor of the city, but on their way, they will be able to help the defenders themselves and save them from inevitable doom.

The Hunt
The story takes place in the neighborhood of Kabba village, south of Qudinar. Players are on the hunt for a runaway mage who messed with crime organization – Giriza. They can also help the villagers fighting scapulari, groms, ogres and other enemies.

New PvP mode with 4 maps including Forest, Desert, Swamp and Arctic. The simple rules of this mode will lead to hours of fun. The team which collects the most magical orbs wins. The bonus system also cuts you lots of slack while you're learning!

from V.1.6.0 to V. 1.7.0b (94MB)

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ZUXXEZ Server2  

from V.1.x.x to V. 1.7.0b (1,18GB)

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Curse of Souls FAQs

F: I can't find the Add-On.
A: The Add-On "Curse of Souls" is only available in the multiplayer part but can be played alone.

F: How do i start a map from the Add-On?
A: Login into one of the multiplayer servers, press F12, choose a map from the mission window which begins with [DC1] or [DC3], click on Create and when the connection window appears press F12 again.
Now a map from the Add-On starts.

F: Can i play the Add-On offline too?
A: No


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